I finished reading this book in bed last night and my brain was working through what I wanted to happen in a follow-up so much I couldn’t sleep for two hours.
From the opening chapter I was hooked. The sudden violence and description of rage was so easy to imagine and visualize that I was almost living the moment. The main character is Josh Cumberland a member of a specialist part of the Regiment (SAS to most of us) who specialize in high-tech methods to accomplish the same old special forces goals. Part geek, part ninja, part fellrunner would be my simplified description.
Having left Ghost Force Josh works for a management training company, but after his daughter if in a coma and his marriage is on the rocks he accepts a job to help find a missing rich kid in London. In the course of the search Josh realises that his own government and close advisers are corrupt in the worst possible ways, and this leads him to do the unthinkable and consider regime change in his own country. The mass fight scene near the end flows so quickly I had to stop and start again at a slower pace to process it. Just as you think everything has turned out well there is a twist, and I for one swore out loud when I got to the last page.

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